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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to use milk from local dairies which allows our products to bear the Real California Cheese or Real California Milk seals.

Our cheeses are handcrafted in our factory that is located in City of Industry in Southern California, 20 miles East of Los Angeles.

We are inspected by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration and have all required permits to manufacture and sell in the United States. Additionally, we have an outside company named Siliker who does regular audits of our manufacturing plant and production procedures.

Our Products are 100% Natural and we do not compromise the quality or freshness of our products for the sake of a longer shelf life.

Our products do not have any conservatives or ingredients that would make them lose their freshness to give them a longer shelf life. Queso Fresco should have a similar shelf life to that of fresh milk; how fresh can a Queso Fresco be if it has a 3 month shelf life?

Yes! You can expect to find the same taste, freshness and quality in both presentations.

No. In order to keep our quality and freshness, we only use fresh milk from local dairy farms to make our products; we do not use powdered or imported milk.

Our cheeses are so versatile that they can be enjoyed by themselves or as ingredients for delicious Mexican food recipes or other international favorites Please visit our recipes page for inspiring ideas on how to enjoy Los Altos Products.

Because of our products delicate nature, we recommend to use clean containers with a lid or cover that protects them from foreign smells and the refrigerator’s cold dry air. It is also better to cut or handle our products with clean utensils rather than with bare hands.

It is not recommended to freeze our products. Due to the high moisture content, the formation of water crystals will compromise the texture and flavor of our products.

Please keep coming back to our website for updates on new products and future promotions.

We have warehouses in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Texas; please refer to our Store Finder to find your nearest store. For wholesale, please visit our “WHOLESALE” page for more information.

Los Altos was founded in 1988 by the Andrade Family and since then we have been committed to make the freshest and highest quality cheeses and creams.

the highest quality

Los Altos is recognized for its high-quality artisanal fresh making cheese process, and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities exceeds all U.S. regulatory standards for food safety and quality.

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