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uncompromising freshness purity and flavor authenticity

Our fresh products are never on the shelf more than 30 days, period.

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Fresh Cheese
Los Altos Queso Fresco sets the standard for freshness, quality, and purity. Its mild flavor is delicately salty with an extraordinarily rich and creamy quality capturing the authentic flavor of Mexico yet complementing modern cuisine. Los Altos Queso Fresco is truly fresh.

Aged Cheese
Los Altos makes aged cheese in the classic manner found in the southern region of Michoacán enjoyed by many generations for its robust flavor. Los Altos’ Crema Mexicana has a rich, satisfying flavor and smoothness that consumers who savor traditional dishes with a modern palate.

Los Altos’ Crema Mexicana has a rich, satisfying flavor and smoothness that can only be achieved with 100% natural dairy products. It’s signature freshness, full-body velvety texture, and exceptional flavor adds a luscious finish to traditional dishes and contemporary cuisine.

Melting Cheese
Melting cheeses are a key ingredient in the cuisine of Mexico and Los Altos offers a versatile and delicious product that melts, shreds, and stretches exactly as required by the most demanding chefs when there can be no compromise on the authenticity of traditional dishes.
the los altos family

Los Altos is committed to making artisanal Mexican cheese that is more than just flavorful, fresh, and exceptionally pure. Our products help to bridge generations of family members whose life memories are bound together with the delicious cuisine they create and share at the dining room table.

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